Autumn 2015

TIES456 Introduction to SOA and Cloud Computing, 5 ECTS

TIES532 - Service oriented architectures and cloud computing for developers, 5 ECTS

Course teachers

Michael (Michael Cochez)

Kamil (Kamil Janowski)



A service comprises a stand-alone unit of functionality available via a formally defined interface.

A services requires three fundamental aspects : implementation; elementary access details; and a contract. (Ben Margolis with Joseph Sharpe: SOA for the Business Developer)

Services should follow the following principles

Why do you want to study services?

Wait, …

Cloud computing

Cloud computing (cont’d)


Why do you want to study cloud computing (1/2)?

Why do you want to study cloud computing (2/2)?

Main course targets

Side targets


Course mode

Course schedule

Only 8 weeks

5-10 credits (= 135-270 hours)

+ ————-

=Very intensive

You are expected to work outside of the lecture times!

Weekly cycle

Topics (last year, changes likely)

Assignment structure


Why and what?


Stuff to read before or during the task


What you should do in more detail

Returning the task

How to return stuff


FAQ, read before asking

Returning tasks


HTTP (short demo)

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.

– Attributed to Jan L. A. van de Snepscheut

Short demo of TCP and HTTP

Unit testing and dependency injection

This week’s task - REST client

This week