Autumn 2015

TIES456 - Introduction to SOA and Cloud Computing, 5 ECTS

TIES532 - Service oriented architectures and cloud computing for developers, 5 ECTS


General feedback - Last week’s task

General feedback - Submission

Last week’s task - To be completed by Friday

General feedback - Creation of Proper types

General feedback - Same origin policy of browsers

General feedback - REST Anti-Patterns

  1. Tunneling everything through GET
  2. Tunneling everything through POST
  3. Ignoring caching
  4. Ignoring response codes
  5. Misusing cookies
  6. Forgetting hypermedia
    • Your representation should contain links to connect to other aspects of the service
    • When making a getCountryList service, it could include links to get the GDP of these countries.
  7. Ignoring MIME types
  8. Breaking self-descriptiveness



Where are we now? - SOA maturity model.

SOA overview
Picture credit:Open source SOA (Jeff Davis)

Where are we now? - 1. Low level Services and Components

SOA overview

Where are we now? - 2. Governance

SOA overview

Where are we now? - 3. Composite services - Business Rules Engine

SOA overview

Where are we now? - 4. Event & Messaging Infrastructure

SOA overview

Where are we now? - 5. Business Process Management & Enterprise Decision Management

SOA overview

What is still to come? - Cloud computing

Next weeks exercise - PaaS - deployment on Heroku

Week 40

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