Michael Cochez

Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Over time I have written a fair bit of software, I try to make that available on https://github.com/miselico .

  • UBIWARE : The UBIWARE project aimed at a new generation of middleware platform which allows the creation of self-managed complex industrial systems. These systems consist of distributed, heterogeneous, shared and reusable components of different nature, e.g. smart machines and devices, sensors, actuators, RFIDs, web-services, software components and applications, humans, etc.</dd>
  • Mobile Mashupper : A native mobile version of the Mashupper was created using Qt/QML on the Meego platform. Mashupper is a SaaS solution which delivers integrated content from several social networks. This solution uses the cloud for integration of information about contacts of the user from different social networks and presents this content in multiple dimensions. The dimensions used are space, time and networks. The extra benefit for the mobile version of the application is that all processing and collecting of data happens in the cloud. This reduces the needed battery and processing power on the phone as well as the amount of network traffic involved.
  • SopranoJ : The sopranoJ project provides a Java library which can be used to communicate over TCP/IP with the Soprano RDF library.