Michael Cochez

Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Skill form


Used a lot in practice. Very familiar with the core language features. Knowledge of specific libraries. Limited knowledge of JavaEE specifics.


Used a couple of times for writing service related and scientific software. It is a small language, so quite familiar with the language features.


Used in several small projects. One of the first programming languages I learned. Not a big fan any longer because of the 'missing' type system and need for extensive testing to catch problems which a compiler would catch.


Used in course context only. It feels a bit overflexible.


Mainly theoretical knowledge. Used only a couple of times in practical projects, mainly trough Qt


Used in a few practical projects when it was still a very dirty language. Nowadays the language has improved drastically, but I haven't been using it really.


Mainly copy-paste 'experience'. Made some websites with the help of JQuery. Not my favorite language really, even though differential inheritance is a very interesting concept.


The language used in my first bachelor year at the university, used in many courses back then. Despite the fact that I even wrote a graphics engine in Oberon, I managed to forget most of it.


I took the functional programming course at the university of Jyväskylä. No practical usage up till now.


The first programming languages I learned, programming on a PC compatible with a 8088. Unfortuanelty, most of the code seems lost.


Used for many projects ranging from coding to writing academic papers.


Used for many projects, but only as a dependency manager.


Used in many practical projects, mainly using Java as a programming language.


Used for making a few websites, technical understanding is good. I have only once managed to make an appealing website. I would be a horrible web designer.


I have been implementing clients and servers for REST web services


Same experience as REST. I have also created a services myself.

Protocol buffers

Mainly theoretical knowledge and used to test it out. Not used in a practical project yet.


Only used as a “customer”. Wrote a couple of small web applications which used it for authentication of students (on google app engine).


LinkedIn, facebook and twitter were all using OAuth 1 or 2 as their authentication scheme at some point. I implemented authentication to these services using libraries.

Virtual Machines

I use VMs all the time during my work to test new features and maintaing development environments.

Map-reduce algo

Mainly theoretical knowledge. During my work I have not run into a proper use case yet.


Amazon Web Services is the biggest provider of cloud infrastructure. I have an account there and have been playing around with VMs on their cloud and tried many of their services. I also received several grants for use of their services during my courses.


I use SSH nearly every day. Also some knowledge about tunneling, etc


VNC is a protocol like remote desktop. I used to use it before I started using SSH X-forwarding. Actually at the time when I was still using Apple computers on daily basis.


In daily use. I have been trying a couple of distributions, but ended up as an Ubuntu user, mainly because its large user base makes it easier to find support. I am using the Awesome window manager


Practical experience in opening and closing. Both left and right turning windows were used in many projects. I am currently taking this more advance course http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wof0xPUmW38. Not too sure whether it will still be relevant with the new metro interface. About the operating system: I was doing various tasks using Windows while working at the IT services department of an educational institute. (installing, cloning, maintenance scripts, active directory (mainly trough LDAP), etc. )