Michael Cochez

Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


**Autumn 2016 I ** Check here for the 2014 edition and here for the 2015 edition

TIES532 - Service oriented architectures and cloud computing for developers, 5 ECTS

Students want to receive 5 credits for the TIES532 course, have to complete one of the advanced exercises, either individually or in a pair if the exercise explicitly mentions this possibility. Students are required to first take the TIES456 course. Those who only finish the advanced exercises without participating in the TIES456 course will not receive any credits!

Note: students who took TIES532 Software Oriented Architectures and Cloud Computing before 2013 with less as 10 credits can get additional credits for TIES532 (in total maximum 10 credits). Please contact the teacher to discuss how this course can be completed.


  • Tasks will be made available during the TIES456 course.
  • There are no specific demo sessions planned. Questions can be asked during the TIES456 demo sessions.
  • The student has to show the completed work before the end of November, at the time agreed with the teacher.
    • The finalized work must be in the repositories 24 hours before the meeting.


The student has to complete one of the the following exercises.

  • Tasks to be announced …

Thesis topics

See the master thesis supervision page